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My name is Jamie Bradley and I have a long history and love-hate relationship with food & fitness. For many years I played the diet game losing and gaining weight. Finally, I wised up and made real changes to my eating and exercise habits that have provided lasting results!

Along with figuring out the right combination of food and exercise I have found a passion in learning and teaching Muay Thai kickboxing. I began Muay Thai over a decade ago in an effort to lose weight and learn some practical self defense skills. What I found was an art form that not only transformed my body but my mind.

In fact the name KRU FIT comes from the Thai word "KRU" which means teacher. I am a certified Personal Trainer and I wish to share my knowledge and passion for healthy living and teach you how to be fit.

I'm not someone who has been skinny all my life...I'm a real person that has been exactly where you are now and I can help you achieve your goals!

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